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Hi there!

Basically, my job is taking your awesome ideas and simply making them look really cool.

I have invested years into discovering the psychology of shapes, colours & fonts,

so that your branding speaks directly to your intended audience.

IB Creative

Hello! My name is Iain Behr - that’s where the IB comes from - how weird is that?

Living in beautiful Cape Town, I am perpetually exposed to wonderful ideas, concepts and dreams.

I have been at the epicentre of many business transformations and have subsequently acquired the skills and experience for the next adventure.

I’ve been graphic designing since 2006.

I am a passionate cinephile, I play 8 musical instruments, I am a happy husband and proud father. I am a fantastic people-person and animals strangely trust me.

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Get in touch if you think I can help you with your project or business. These are a few ways to get a hold of me, but we’d all prefer a good old face-to-face chat over a coffee.

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Ah! The glorious overlap between art & communication!

Logo Design // Branding // Social Media // Photomanipulation //  Presentations // 3D Design

I have designed for the following sectors:

corporate, education, events, churches, retail, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Motion is the evidence of life

Your cinematic business card...

Own a small business? Then you know how pricey video adverts can be.

So bridging that gap: Micro Ads -  short, beautiful videos that intelligently boost your brand/business.

Small enough to share anywhere, and powerful enough to get the attention your business needs.